Monday, 9 December 2013




What does a country’s per capita income say about it? Does a person who has to live on less than one US dollar a day have less intelligence/capability/goodness than a person who earns many, many times more? I think not.  But he/she is worn down by sheer hard work, poverty and, yes, starvation. A sure-fire recipe for stunting talent and ambition.

I have been told that diet is always the cause of riots. The rich man, the poor man, the beggar, the thief; which one is more civilized? 

The genesis of Third and First World has never been fully explained to me. The cold war theory sounds more like an excuse than an explanation. What really baffles me is the absence of the second world – the bridge between. Maybe the Second world is buried under the rubble of the old U.S.S.R. 

If we allow the almighty dollar to determine wealth, we run the risk of designating Haiti a state of poverty when it is in fact a country so rich in culture and the mystical it’s like a Carnival of Flowers. After the 1791 slave revolt which culminated in Haiti gaining independence in 1804, this newly independent nation did an amazing thing. Around 1922 it paid reparation to France, the country they defeated in war, compensation for their freedom. In my mind, this was done to gain recognition by Europe as a sovereign Nation. Only a country brimming over with a wealth of cultural heritage and pride could have done this.

Adding a little depth to this historical fact; after the crushing defeat of the French at the Battle of Vertieres, European Governments were not happy campers. A policy of isolation was implemented against this new nation, placing them in a very serious bind. A promise of an end to the isolation was made to Haiti provided they made reparation to the former enslaver.

The former enslavers’ behaviour reminds this writer of the Sheriff in Bob Marley’s song, “he tried to kill the seed before it grows.” Money can never buy love, but the Haitians were told it would buy freedom, ironically, a freedom they had already won. Haiti has never been accepted inside the brotherhood of nations. On more than one occasion I have heard the question posed: Is there a conspiracy to keep Haiti in financial disarray?

The debt of gratitude owed to Haiti by her Caribbean neighbors has never been repaid. The good book says we should love our neighbors. Maybe it’s that lack of love and respect that has thwarted the growth and development of the region as a whole. As some of us know all too well, whosoever one chooses to respect and honour impacts directly on the altitude one attains in life.

To say a chain is as strong as its weakest link is stating the obvious, Caribbean people need each other. As I write, the whole world is gradually reshaping itself into economic blocks. We have no choice but to come together or perish in an increasingly clannish world.    

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Health of the Planets oceans

Beach clean up day 2013


With the health of the Planet’s  oceans at stake ,a small organisation aptly named  Ocean Conservancy was formed in 1972.The Organization over the past 40 years have grown exponentially in relation to the increase threat on the Health of the Planets oceans and waterways.The annual internationally supported Beach Clean Up Day is the 25 year old brain child of The Ocean Conservancy.

In Jamaica September 21th 2013 saw a wide cross section of service minded Jamaicans participating in World  Beach Cleanup Day  activities.The Jamaican leg of Beach Clean up day was coordinated by The Jamaica Environment Trust.
The Jamsky Earth Station  team spent a part of the day at The Salt River mineral Spring with the Royal Place Estate Citizen Association , here are some pics.

 Latisha  Lewis Boss Lady for the day

Ready for a day of hard work

Free ad

looking for every bit of waste

"we will fill these bags"

Really cleaning the water way 

square bits

Nastassia Barret and Latisha  Lewis feeling great after a day of hard work

Thursday, 19 September 2013




From  all indication the 2012 staging of Fashion Night Out could be considered a success. A lot more merchants came on board last year and more shopping districts were recognized  by the organizers.  
This Jamaican adaptation of the Fashion Night Out concept is the brain child of Mrs. Novia  Whyte  from The Jamaica Observer. The idea being to put some life in the normally slow business period, after the back to school rush, and before the  Christmas shopping. The cynics  among  us may think Fashion Night out is nothing more than a ploy to help merchants clear out old stock to bring in the Christmas wares. On the other side of the coin,  I am sure there are some bargain hunters for whom Fashion Night out is seen as a Jamaican Black Fridayshop till you drop.    
Economics 101 teaches that the lively movement of goods and services is essential for the successful running of the  Capitalist  model .Therefore, events like Fashion Night would be perceived as being good for the economy. Alas, what is good for the economy is not always the best thing for the individual .That, as most of us know, is the Paradox  of Thrift. Prior to Fashion Night Out Jamaicans went through  a rough  back to  school period; the books and school supplies were very expensive .To move from that situation straight into a shopping spree could be seen in some quarters as  bit of an over extension. There is the buy what we need method  as opposed to buying when a deal is offered. The financial gurus would appeal to the minimalist inside of us, “buy what you need”.
Handling our personal  financial affairs was never taught to usthis according to Robert Kiyosaki is the education we all need to have. “The main reason people struggle is because they  have spent years in school but learned nothing  about money”. This is how Sharon Lechter worded the same sentiment, “I love my children and want to ensure they get the best education possible! Traditional schooling ,while very important, is no longer enough. We all need to understand money and how it works“.

In retrospect, for some  Fashion Night Out  spending may have been  an ill timed, unsubstantiated expenditure .The bright lights of the plazas must be balanced by the gentle glow of thought and introspection. Remember, Christmas was  just around the corner ,or maybe Santa came early last  year.

Monday, 19 August 2013



Recently I went back home to lay my dearly departed Father to rest. After twelve years away it was always going to be a time of reflection.  I was stepping back to where I was looking forward - to where it all began. An application of basic nautical triangulation should easily tell me where I have been. That feeling of the circumnavigation of one’s own consciousness begs the question, was it a bon voyage?  

It was just a matter of time before I found myself at The Rudolph Elder Park.  Lacking the bells and whistles that add to other parks allure, the beautiful Caribbean coast line which forms one of the borders more than compensates. ”Down a Park” was how we described this heavenly piece of real estate.

“Down a Park” if your nut cracking skills (with a stone) were up to par you would be rewarded with the sweet kernel of the almond nut. The coastal side of the park is lined with large almond trees providing shade and a place for lovers to sit and talk. As a young man I would sit there for hours with my girl and just talk … ok, some times we found other fun things to do, but talking was always very important.

Next to the park is the Morant Bay Fishing Village, I took off my shoes and walked over. The Jamaican Fisheries Authority is reporting a drop in the Caribbean fish stock. From where I was standing there was no drop in the brotherly vibration on this fishing beach. A boat crew of two or three could never secure their vessel on land on their own. Hands and heart must be brought into play to fulfill the concept of a village.

Just how much of the village concept did I utilize on my twelve year sojourn? Did I miss vital elements of the concept? At that point I found myself looking back from the place where twelve years ago I was looking forward.  

PULL  PULL!! Another boat has been brought to shore, there’s money to be made, the vendors are waiting.

Seemingly out of nowhere a solution to all questions!  Eat some roasted doctor fish cooked by the fisherman, sit on the sand, look out to sea and chart a new course. 

Monday, 8 July 2013



This is the first time I will be presenting a collection of my work in this format.For me art is simply allowing natural vibration to pass through your consciousness and manifesting it self. Art is just a natural mystic,please enjoy my work.

The cave

 All I am doing is interpreting my feelings and that,s Art,been a conduit for the light of the world.Can art be good or bad?

The Fam 












Monday, 1 July 2013


Jamaica’s South Coast

The southern coastal region of Jamaica is famed for its hard working people and its rugged beauty.This section of the Island register some of the lowest  National average rainfall,still this area is one of the Island most productive region

ST.Elizabeth is dubbed “The Bread Basket Parish of Jamaica” for good reason, they produce most of the vegetable consumed on the Island.Food aside the South Coast is a shutterbug Paradise,here are some of the reasons..

Seasoned world travelers may have recognized Lover Leap from the Above pics.

Did someone say "JAKES". The beautiful Treasure Beach is laid back and rustic,a wonderful part of the world

The term "It take a Village"  is the mantra of the people of  The South. The world renown Breds community organization is testament to that.

Please see  for more on this very unique organisation.