Wednesday, 27 February 2013


                                    THE CHILD OF THE POOR   

In the Caribbean there is a  politician who  cares about education. The cool hills of ST. Andrew over looking Jamaica’s capital have given rise to this rear phenomenon.

A willingness to but re-election at risk  for the sake of education is not the type of action some people have come to expect  of Politicians .He will be spending most of his Constituency Development fund on education. There  is a feeling that Most others use their CDF for hand outs or should I say to help their re-election bid.

Some are worried that these actions by the young Politician could mean one less seat in Parliament . They may ask ,Do you really want to give up power for the sake of educating  the children of the poor? This young man seems to have knots in his brains ,could he really be putting people first?

There is some one willing to put  up a fight to break the Vicious Cycle Of  Poverty. Feeding the belly of the poor is far different from attacking the known cause of poverty. Education is the key to the Island’s development.

This is a good fight which must be won .“With faith, strength  and a good cause David will always defeat Goliath”-H. I. M.

Monday, 18 February 2013

King of Jamaican music

The Art of music 

The 2012 All Media Survey has been out for a while now. Barry Gordon is the King of afternoon Radio in Jamaica. Barry has been in the business for more than thirty years. Obviously, the “boogie” man has a winning formula ,certainly his style has not changed much since the eighties. What I found incredible is that a new generation of young people is warming up to “Barry G”, it’s magical.

 The afternoon king works out of MELLO FM  a media house based in Montego Bay, Jamaica’s second City. Usually, the capital Kingston is where the action is at. Jamaica has over thirty radio stations, a break down of the survey numbers was quite telling, Mr. Gordon left them all in the dust.

 Some time ago the Government gave Mr. Gordon a National Honour; THE  ORDER OF DISTICTION . The Jamskyearthstation team is bestowing on Barry a Knighthood .  SIR BARRINGTON GORDON, O.D. . nuff respect  my brother.  As the man himself would say “spread out scatter”.

Thursday, 7 February 2013

The Deal

I.M.F.   Policy Direction

In late December 2012 I watched a TV interview with Dr. supachai Panitchpakdi of UNCTAD.
                                            The interview was conducted against the back drop of Jamaica trying to ink an I.M.F. deal. Dr. Panitchpakdi was very forth coming. “The one method fit all policy of the I.M.F. could be very destructive” asserted Dr. Supachai. “The Fund must take into account the cultural nuances and peculiarities of each country, during the negotiations process” Dr.Supachai continued.
                                        Obviously seeing the humor in the situation Dr. Supachai made clear the fact that back 2007 when The U.S.A. was in deep red ink, they did the opposite of what is usually prescribed by the Fund.
Mr. Obama went for all out, bail out. There weren’t any Austerity Programs or any real cut backs. The President flatly refused the medicine of the fund. Maybe the medicine was bitter.

                                   As I sit here writing the I.M.F. deal still hasn’t been inked .The devil just might be in the detail. Heaven knows the wrong medicine could be hellish for Jamaica.