Monday, 18 February 2013

King of Jamaican music

The Art of music 

The 2012 All Media Survey has been out for a while now. Barry Gordon is the King of afternoon Radio in Jamaica. Barry has been in the business for more than thirty years. Obviously, the “boogie” man has a winning formula ,certainly his style has not changed much since the eighties. What I found incredible is that a new generation of young people is warming up to “Barry G”, it’s magical.

 The afternoon king works out of MELLO FM  a media house based in Montego Bay, Jamaica’s second City. Usually, the capital Kingston is where the action is at. Jamaica has over thirty radio stations, a break down of the survey numbers was quite telling, Mr. Gordon left them all in the dust.

 Some time ago the Government gave Mr. Gordon a National Honour; THE  ORDER OF DISTICTION . The Jamskyearthstation team is bestowing on Barry a Knighthood .  SIR BARRINGTON GORDON, O.D. . nuff respect  my brother.  As the man himself would say “spread out scatter”.

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