Monday, 22 April 2013


                  Bogle Beckoning 

What  of Eastern  Jamaica? Bath Mineral Spring and Botanical Garden, miles of unspoiled beaches, the Light House. The Reggae Falls at Hill Side should offer some space for clear thought.


My people,  my people cries the peanut vendor in the busy Morant Bay market. St. Thomas is way, way lacking compared to it’s true potential.  There is a school boy tale in Jamaica, that a pencil was broken in anger and a red pen used to write desending word against St. Thomas. According to the tale, this was done to punish the parish, for the actions of  Deacon Bogle who dared to speak  out. Chinese made, imported pencils are a dime a dozen these days and the red ink on the document must be faded by now.

The sacrifice made by  Deacon Bogle  should serve to motivate us  for progress.By now we must realise that there will be know silver platter covered with solutions.Self determination is the answer to the question of lack of progress.

What’s needed, is a vision for Eastern Jamaica by the people of Eastern Jamaica.Luckily, there is no need to reinvent the wheel.The South coast blue print is one which could offer some good insight. Basically the  people came together and articulated a clear vision as to what they wanted the South Coast to be. Next up: what’s the first step to take in actualizing the vision? With this answer, decisive action must be taken and the goals must be long term and beneficial to all. The vision should be conveyed to the political representatives, making clear their role in the actualization of the plan.

Some one once said, “the path to development, are well paved roads” .The main road between Harbour Veiw and Morant Bay, through to port Antonio has a very poor surface .Using these road ways you run the risk of serious  damage to your motor vehicle, compounding the problem, there never seems to be enough road way for the sand laden trucks and other motorists.

Eastern Jamaica is blessed with large reserves of high quality sand stone. Transporting the sand stone to different parts of the Island is done the expensive way; by trucks. Going forward sand barges will have to be a part of the mix.Barges are more practical ,more cost effective and better for the environment.

The old Bowden wharf has been on the back burner for quite some time now.The nature of the under water environment would mean serious reef damage if dredging and expansion work were to be undertaken at Bowden. A world class marina would be a nice fit for Port Morant’s beautiful bay. A well structured and properly operated marina would have no negative effect on the on going oysters project in the bay. The people making the oysters punch would be glad to know, cheers to your health.

With the will and proper planning the much talked about Cow Bay project could change the fortune of Eastern Jamaica for the better.Cow Bay is very deep, and ideal for the larger vessels the  Panama Canal will be able to accommodate on the completion of its expansion. The time to move on the Cow Bay project is now , the canal’s expansion is a window of opportunity we don’t  want to miss.

Eastern Jamaica is the first to experience the warmth of the sun each day . If ST. Thomas progresses I know the example  of forward march  would spread,and Bogle would not have walk in vain.

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