Sunday, 7 April 2013



                                     LAUGH FOR  A  RIDE

My cousin Junior Chest found a way to deal with rude Bus Crews; the solution was revealed to me in a dream.Having vegetarian Pizza after 10:00 pm has been known to enable visions.

The section of Jamaica’s Public Transportation System that has been privatised is known to give poor service.The drivers and conductors are generally rude and  sometimes their behavior  borders on being inhumane.

This is the transformational method that will Improve Jamaica’s Public Transportation system. As you are stepping up in the bus, hit the conductor with a straight right to the stomach.Without a doubt this would knock the wind out of him, this procedure should not be viewed as violence.

The resulting calming effect the procedure has on Bus Conductors should be the basis for its evaluation.Since, like magic,from one hit the Conductor will become mild mannered and courteous.

Late night eating or clear vision, the methodology has been put forward must be judged by its true merit. Jamaica’s crude Public Transportation System urgently needs improvement. (MINI BUS CREWS PLEASE TAKE HEED)