Wednesday, 22 May 2013



The summer days in Mandeville are hot, that’s until 2:00 pm everyday when it rains.Like clock work the clouds empty  their bowels on this Manchester plateau,Mandeville is drenched.  

The Bauxite laden earth with its underlying limestone rock quickly imbibe the heavenly liquid losing a   little to the Flora.

The harmonious sharing of drinks between the Red Dirt and plants may be one of the reason Manchester as one of the oldest Horticultural society in the world

The beauty of this part of Jamaica is simply breath taking. The beautiful plants gives the town and its environs a special type of clam

On Any day of the week a deal could be struck with one of many plant vendor in the Town.

After the wheeling and dealing you are bound to take home something wonderful.

The vendors are nice but if needs be,they will stand firm on a price,which is right, they too have to buy rice.


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