Monday, 1 July 2013


Jamaica’s South Coast

The southern coastal region of Jamaica is famed for its hard working people and its rugged beauty.This section of the Island register some of the lowest  National average rainfall,still this area is one of the Island most productive region

ST.Elizabeth is dubbed “The Bread Basket Parish of Jamaica” for good reason, they produce most of the vegetable consumed on the Island.Food aside the South Coast is a shutterbug Paradise,here are some of the reasons..

Seasoned world travelers may have recognized Lover Leap from the Above pics.

Did someone say "JAKES". The beautiful Treasure Beach is laid back and rustic,a wonderful part of the world

The term "It take a Village"  is the mantra of the people of  The South. The world renown Breds community organization is testament to that.

Please see  for more on this very unique organisation.

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