Monday, 19 August 2013



Recently I went back home to lay my dearly departed Father to rest. After twelve years away it was always going to be a time of reflection.  I was stepping back to where I was looking forward - to where it all began. An application of basic nautical triangulation should easily tell me where I have been. That feeling of the circumnavigation of one’s own consciousness begs the question, was it a bon voyage?  

It was just a matter of time before I found myself at The Rudolph Elder Park.  Lacking the bells and whistles that add to other parks allure, the beautiful Caribbean coast line which forms one of the borders more than compensates. ”Down a Park” was how we described this heavenly piece of real estate.

“Down a Park” if your nut cracking skills (with a stone) were up to par you would be rewarded with the sweet kernel of the almond nut. The coastal side of the park is lined with large almond trees providing shade and a place for lovers to sit and talk. As a young man I would sit there for hours with my girl and just talk … ok, some times we found other fun things to do, but talking was always very important.

Next to the park is the Morant Bay Fishing Village, I took off my shoes and walked over. The Jamaican Fisheries Authority is reporting a drop in the Caribbean fish stock. From where I was standing there was no drop in the brotherly vibration on this fishing beach. A boat crew of two or three could never secure their vessel on land on their own. Hands and heart must be brought into play to fulfill the concept of a village.

Just how much of the village concept did I utilize on my twelve year sojourn? Did I miss vital elements of the concept? At that point I found myself looking back from the place where twelve years ago I was looking forward.  

PULL  PULL!! Another boat has been brought to shore, there’s money to be made, the vendors are waiting.

Seemingly out of nowhere a solution to all questions!  Eat some roasted doctor fish cooked by the fisherman, sit on the sand, look out to sea and chart a new course.