Thursday, 19 September 2013




From  all indication the 2012 staging of Fashion Night Out could be considered a success. A lot more merchants came on board last year and more shopping districts were recognized  by the organizers.  
This Jamaican adaptation of the Fashion Night Out concept is the brain child of Mrs. Novia  Whyte  from The Jamaica Observer. The idea being to put some life in the normally slow business period, after the back to school rush, and before the  Christmas shopping. The cynics  among  us may think Fashion Night out is nothing more than a ploy to help merchants clear out old stock to bring in the Christmas wares. On the other side of the coin,  I am sure there are some bargain hunters for whom Fashion Night out is seen as a Jamaican Black Fridayshop till you drop.    
Economics 101 teaches that the lively movement of goods and services is essential for the successful running of the  Capitalist  model .Therefore, events like Fashion Night would be perceived as being good for the economy. Alas, what is good for the economy is not always the best thing for the individual .That, as most of us know, is the Paradox  of Thrift. Prior to Fashion Night Out Jamaicans went through  a rough  back to  school period; the books and school supplies were very expensive .To move from that situation straight into a shopping spree could be seen in some quarters as  bit of an over extension. There is the buy what we need method  as opposed to buying when a deal is offered. The financial gurus would appeal to the minimalist inside of us, “buy what you need”.
Handling our personal  financial affairs was never taught to usthis according to Robert Kiyosaki is the education we all need to have. “The main reason people struggle is because they  have spent years in school but learned nothing  about money”. This is how Sharon Lechter worded the same sentiment, “I love my children and want to ensure they get the best education possible! Traditional schooling ,while very important, is no longer enough. We all need to understand money and how it works“.

In retrospect, for some  Fashion Night Out  spending may have been  an ill timed, unsubstantiated expenditure .The bright lights of the plazas must be balanced by the gentle glow of thought and introspection. Remember, Christmas was  just around the corner ,or maybe Santa came early last  year.