Sunday, 20 October 2013

Health of the Planets oceans

Beach clean up day 2013


With the health of the Planet’s  oceans at stake ,a small organisation aptly named  Ocean Conservancy was formed in 1972.The Organization over the past 40 years have grown exponentially in relation to the increase threat on the Health of the Planets oceans and waterways.The annual internationally supported Beach Clean Up Day is the 25 year old brain child of The Ocean Conservancy.

In Jamaica September 21th 2013 saw a wide cross section of service minded Jamaicans participating in World  Beach Cleanup Day  activities.The Jamaican leg of Beach Clean up day was coordinated by The Jamaica Environment Trust.
The Jamsky Earth Station  team spent a part of the day at The Salt River mineral Spring with the Royal Place Estate Citizen Association , here are some pics.

 Latisha  Lewis Boss Lady for the day

Ready for a day of hard work

Free ad

looking for every bit of waste

"we will fill these bags"

Really cleaning the water way 

square bits

Nastassia Barret and Latisha  Lewis feeling great after a day of hard work